Bradley A Lorenzo Memorial Foundation for Chemical Dependency Recovery

Our goals

Our goal started in 2009 when our family lost our amazing son, loving brother, uncle and cousin along with a good friend to many. Our mssion is a simple one that could affect so many lives.

Our primary purpose is to find help for anyone reaching out asking for help.

We also want to help provide accurate information, help educate family, friends and loved one.

We want to give support to all of those affected to know you're not alone.

The love that Bradley gave and the lives he touched will help us to continue until we reach our goal, and we will keep him alive in our hearts forever. 
Contact Information:
Larry Lorenzo - President 567-385-3750
Laura Rakolta - President 567-277-8654

Larry Lorenzo VP 419-764-5661
Kendra Lorenzo VP
Ryan Lorenzo VP 567-395-5103

Bill Kohl Funds Coordinator 419-343-6627
Holly Lorenzo Treasurer 567-277-0064
Vicky Cassis Public Relations Administrator 419-351-2838
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